Side project - status

Temat mojego "pobocznego projektu" trochę ucichł. Szczerze mówiąc to zapomniałem o nim zupełnie :). Postanowiłem jednak, że odświeżenie bloga jest świetną okazją żeby przerwać prokrastynację i ruszyć chociaż trochę ten bądź co bądź dość ambitny projekt. Zabierałem się od tego od różnych stron i koniec końców postanowiłem mierzyć siły na zamiary

Switch to pl_PL

For various reasons (mainly lack of motivation) I'm switching this blog to Polish language. Trying to write in English wasn't that big of an issue (I do most of my work in that language) but it required more energy and focus than I am willing to put in something that

New side project!

I must admit, that I'm notorious for starting a dozen side projects and never finishing any of them. I tried making 2D game, text game, 2 3D games, 3 different webapps, 2 books, a framework. If I could think of something then most probably I was excited about it for

Using Django REST Framework for CSV export

Just yesterday I came (again) across a need to implement CSV file export on yet another site. I googled a bit to check existing libraries, but most of them was really complex (mostly made to handle admin level import and exports) or weren't updated for years. App that I worked